Is my payment refundable?

No, we have a strict non-refundable policy once the service is purchased. In case, your payment has bounced we would request you to check with your issuing bank.

Is there any restriction on paid services availed by me?

Yes, you should abide by the posting rules as specified on our site else the premium service is liable to be terminated. Additionally, the paid services are location and category-specific, once you apply a premium service to an Ad, the content of the Ad or the location should not be changed otherwise, the service will be removed.

Where can I find a list/history of all my orders and payments on yalu?

This can be found under the "My Orders" section. You will find a list of your orders and payments on yalu, including the following information like date of purchase or order ID that is helpful for communication with yalu customer support.

Is it safe to use my credit card & is my information secure? Which cards are supported by “Pay with card”?

yalu is committed to ensuring that your personal details will always be kept safe and has a number of fraud prevention measures in place. All credit and debit cards are allowed on the site.

What payment methods are available on OLX? How do I make a payment on the website?

You can choose to pay with all major Credit, Debit cards, Net-banking & UPI. When you are ready to proceed to the checkout, follow the steps given so that we can confirm all your details, including payment authorization. We will then acknowledge your order by taking you to a confirmation screen that will let you know if your payment was processed successfully. We will also issue an invoice which you can find in the user profile section.

Refunds for Errors:

Some websites may offer refunds if there's an error on their part, such as if your ad doesn't get posted as requested or if there's a technical issue with their platform that affects your listing.

Cancellation Refunds:

If you've paid for a service or subscription on a classified website and you decide to cancel before the service period expires, some sites may offer partial refunds or prorated refunds for the unused portion of your subscription.

Discretionary Refunds:

In certain circumstances, classified websites may offer refunds at their discretion, particularly if you can demonstrate extenuating circumstances that warrant a refund.

Refund Processing Fees:

Be aware that some classified websites may charge processing fees for refunds, which could reduce the amount of your refund.

Keep in mind that buyers could give negative reviews and result in a lower rating, which will affect the visibility of your products and your ability to sell more.

Never scan QR code or share your OTP with anyone हिंदी भाषा चयन विकल्प पृष्ठ के निचले बाएँ कोने में स्थित है।

Please beware of using unsolicited modes for money transaction(s) other than known & safe payment methods

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